Re: [PATCH 04/10] x86: mce: fix error handling

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 13:07:41 EST

On 7/28/2010 6:39 PM, Kulikov Vasiliy wrote:
mcheck_init_device() poorly handles errors. If any request fails
unregister and free everything.

Actually these are at early boot time and only contain memory errors,
and if you run out of memory at this stage the system is usually
dead in the water anyways. The best you can do at this stage
is panicing, but silently returning from the the init function doesn't
help anyone. But someone else will likely panic anyways.

e.g. boot time allocations of cpu masks generally do not check for memory
failures and I think that's ok, not a bug.

Your patch would be good if the driver was modular, but it isn't.


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