Driver: PCIe: 'pci_map_sg' returning invalid bus address?

From: Evan Lavelle
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 06:14:31 EST

I'm writing a driver for a PCIe card which has to support DMA.

I can get this to work by using 'pci_alloc_consistent' to get a coherent mapping for a DMA buffer (when I pass the returned 'dma_addr_t' to my card, it can use it to successfully DMA into the PC).

The problem is that I actually want to use a streaming mapping, for direct I/O, with a scatter-gather list, and I can't get this to work. 'pci_map_sg' returns me a bus address for the user's read buffer, but this doesn't appear to be a valid bus address. When the PCIe card DMAs to this bus address, the DMA operation appears to complete, but the user's read buffer is not modified. Any ideas?

This is the code that works:

dmaCPUAddr = pci_alloc_consistent(
PCI_Dev_Cfg, dmaBufSize, dmaPCIBusAddr);

This allocates a 64KB kernel buffer. The PCIe card can DMA into this buffer, and I can then copy this buffer back to the user. 'dmaPCIBusAddr' is set to something in the region of 0x32xxxxxx to 0x34xxxxxx (on x86), so this is presumably a valid bus address into kernel memory.

This is a simplified version of the code which doesn't work:

// get bus addresses to DMA into user memory
// 'userAddr', for 'npages' pages

ret = get_user_pages(
current, current->mm, userAddr,
numPages, 1, 1, pageList, NULL);

if(ret != numPages) {...error}

...'kmalloc' and clear scatterlist 'sgList'

for(i = 0; i < numPages; i++) {
if(pageList[i] == NULL)
... error
sgList[i].page = pageList[i];
sgList[i].offset = 0;
sgList[i].length = PAGE_SIZE;

sgLen = pci_map_sg(
pPciDev, // the PCI device
sgList, // the place to store the list
numPages, // how many initial pages are in it
direction); // data flow direction

if(sgLen == 0) { ...error }

{ // DEBUG
struct scatterlist *sg = sgList;
for(i = 0; i < sgLen; i++, sg++)
KERN_INFO "busAddr 0x%08x; len %d\n",
(u32)sg_dma_address(sg), sg_dma_len(sg));

For one page of user memory, 'sg_dma_address' returns a bus address in the region of 0x13xxxxxx (on x86). When the PCIe card tries to DMA to this address, the data disappears - I can't see it in my userland test program. Any ideas?

Thanks -



Extra information:

- modern x86_64 HP multiprocessor server motherboard, running 32-bit RHEL 5.1

- 2.6.18-53el5xen, i686/athlon/i386

- 'page_address(pageList[0])' sometimes returns NULL, which I find surprising - isn't this meant to be locked down?

- 'kmap(pageList[0])' always returns a valid address, and I can use this address to write directly to the user-space buffer from the driver

- 'virt_to_bus', 'virt_to_phys', and '__pa' don't seem to do anything useful on this platform; they just give a fixed offset from the user virtual address, which is nowhere near the bus address which works
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