Re: Linux 2.6.35-rc6

From: Donald Parsons
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 02:30:53 EST


This rc6 kernel and rc6-git1 fail to boot with message:

No root device found
Boot has failed, sleeping forever. and all previous boot fine. New kernel made
using usual make oldconfig. initramfs has all same
ata drivers. Asus motherboard P5B Deluxe, E6600 CPU.
All kernels since mid-June 2010 have been built with
gcc-4.5.0 and work, but neither 2.6.35-rc6 nor the git1

I went back to gcc-4.4.4 and compiled tonight's -git3
with same identical result, no boot.

What can be wrong? I see these modules in
with lsmod:

Module Size Used by
ata_generic 3427 0
pata_acpi 3227 0
pata_jmicron 2547 0
ahci 35887 4
libata 157450 4 ata_generic,pata_acpi,pata_jmicron,ahci

and also 2.6.35's too by looking in /lib/modules/...
and I see them in the initramfs.img

Note, 2.6.35-rc6 was first of .35 kernels I tried.


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