Re: Questions and problems with NFS4

From: Bian Naimeng
Date: Tue Jul 27 2010 - 22:29:30 EST

> - If you have a common root, is it mandatory to mount it in the client ?
> - If I setup a common root (say /export), and aoutomount some folders:
> /scratch/local
> /scratch/node/00
> /scratch/node/01
> ......
> /export/scratch -> /scratch/local (bind mount).
> /scratch/node/?? is automounted from node ??, in which it is its own
> /scratch/local. When I acess scratch for local node, it backs to a local
> mount and mounts the REAL /scratch, not /export/scratch.
> Any ideas ?

I'm not sure i have understand your means, is it like this?

# cat /etc/exports
/nfsroot *(fsid=0,insecure,no_root_squash,rw)

# mkdir -p /nfsroot/nfsroot
# touch /nfsroot/tstfile
# service nfs restart
# mount -t nfs /mnt

# ls /mnt <== Here, we access real /nfsroot/nfsroot, not /nfsroot,
so we can not find "tstfile", right?

Actually, when we use "-t nfs", nfs-utils try to mount NFSv4 first,
if you want use NFSv3, you should use "-t nfs -o vers=3" in the nfs-utils-1.2.2.

> - AFAIK, with NFS4 the only needed daemons are nfsd and idmapd. And the
> only accesible port from the outside is 2049, for nfsd.
> I have tried to strip down my nfs server (-N 2 -N 3 -U),
> but rpcinfo still gives me:

... snip ...

> disabling portampper and mountd is just a matter of initscripts
> requirements, but how can I disable nlockmgr ? It isn't needed for
> NFS4, isn't it ? Nor portmapper nor mountd...

As i see, there's no way to disabe nlockmgr, it's start by lockd,
and lockd will be up when we start nfsd. It's always work until the
last nfsd thread stop.

Best Regards
Bian Naimeng

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