Re: 2.6.35 suspend regression (bisected)

From: Roberto Oppedisano
Date: Tue Jul 27 2010 - 14:44:41 EST

On 26/07/2010 00:35, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 12:18:14AM +0200, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
On Sunday, July 25, 2010, Roberto Oppedisano wrote:
My HP6730B (x86_64 kernel, uptodate lubuntu Lucid installed) fails to suspend
on recent git kernels, the screen goes black (backlight on) and stays there forever.

Here's what I found from a bisect.

Does it work if you revert that commit?
Roberto wrote:

Alas reverting that single commit on current linux/master does not
solve the issue so it could be that I did something wrong... anyway
here the log of the bisect:
So I guess not...
[resending due to lklm reject... gmail defaults to html email, sorry for duplicate emails]

I did bisect again and I did get a different result:

c1518f12bab97a6d409a25aaccb02dc8895800f3 is the first bad commit

git bisect start
# good: [e40152ee1e1c7a63f4777791863215e3faa37a86] Linus 2.6.34
git bisect good e40152ee1e1c7a63f4777791863215e3faa37a86
# bad: [1a041a23da7c77b53c71fe11b4f940388bee37b1] Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://
git bisect bad 1a041a23da7c77b53c71fe11b4f940388bee37b1
# good: [7f02ab3ce3c7e093c414fcbd93bdc591cc4419d0] Merge git://
git bisect gdinf ood 7f02ab3ce3c7e093c414fcbd93bdc591cc4419d0
# good: [7839ec78214ecf477cc9e2862233b8d9fcf4ec58] gpiolib: document that names can contain printk format specifiers
git bisect good 7839ec78214ecf477cc9e2862233b8d9fcf4ec58
# bad: [e620d1e39aa33b43bed96aa7f2ebbc88914aed58] Merge branch 'v4l_for_2.6.35' of git://
git bisect bad e620d1e39aa33b43bed96aa7f2ebbc88914aed58
# good: [021fad8b706849c091f6e682bc5df3ce4f9ab4d7] Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://
git bisect good 021fad8b706849c091f6e682bc5df3ce4f9ab4d7
# good: [d4376802999d478a103868d7e7b1f473e4a387af] Merge branch 'fix/asoc' into for-linus
git bisect good d4376802999d478a103868d7e7b1f473e4a387af
# good: [d7940b04fa441b06b69f05faef43c5fb2156ab72] Merge git://
git bisect good d7940b04fa441b06b69f05faef43c5fb2156ab72
# good: [5c331fc8c19e181bffab46e9d18e1637cdc47170] V4L/DVB: dvb-core: Fix ULE decapsulation bug
git bisect good 5c331fc8c19e181bffab46e9d18e1637cdc47170
# good: [a094c0afc3515aaf962dd0793f3b23fe67e6b192] Merge git://
git bisect good a094c0afc3515aaf962dd0793f3b23fe67e6b192
# good: [2a0ab2cd73c26835e635ed4e3868f983519048fb] drbd: Reduce verbosity
git bisect good 2a0ab2cd73c26835e635ed4e3868f983519048fb
# good: [1abec4fdbb142e3ccb6ce99832fae42129134a96] block: make blk_init_free_list and elevator_init idempotent
git bisect good 1abec4fdbb142e3ccb6ce99832fae42129134a96
# good: [bd62307b20ff864c48541e46c3ee2bb9cc330f64] V4L/DVB: ivtv: Avoid accidental video standard change
git bisect good bd62307b20ff864c48541e46c3ee2bb9cc330f64
# bad: [c1518f12bab97a6d409a25aaccb02dc8895800f3] Merge branch 'rc-fixes' of git://
git bisect bad c1518f12bab97a6d409a25aaccb02dc8895800f3
# good: [cbab05f041a4cff6ca15856bdd35238b282b64eb] gconfig: fix build failure on fedora 13
git bisect good cbab05f041a4cff6ca15856bdd35238b282b64eb

Trying to revert that commit gives:

$ git bisect reset
$ git revert c1518f12bab97a6d409a25aaccb02dc8895800f3
fatal: Commit c1518f12bab97a6d409a25aaccb02dc8895800f3 is a merge but no -m option was given.

How am I supposed to proceed now ? (sorry I'm a git newbie)

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