ixgbe->bonding->vlan->bridge->ebtables&iptables causes memory corruption

From: Gyorgy Jeney
Date: Tue Jul 27 2010 - 03:16:18 EST


I have a rather interesting network setup here. First I have a dual
10Gbit ixgbe ethernet card, being bonded into one link, on which we
run a number of vlans, which are bridged with various virtual
machines. Now, to protect the box itself and the virtual machines I
have a set of iptables and ebtables rules. Whenever one of the
virtual machines start the kernel, which is 2.6.35-rc6, will reliably

This error needs both ebtables and iptables rules, without either one
or the other, things seem to work quite well.

The errors and backtraces are many and long, so I attached the full
dmes output, please say if you need more.


P.S.: Please Cc: me on replies as I'm subscribed to neither
linux-kernel, nor netdev.

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