[PATCH 0/7] padata/pcrypt: cleanups

From: Steffen Klassert
Date: Tue Jul 27 2010 - 01:10:47 EST

This patchset contains the following changes:

1. padata - Rename padata_alloc functions to not export underlined functions.

2. padata - Rearrange set_cpumask functions to have proper locking for all
these functions and to avoid to export underlined functions.

3. padata - Pass the padata cpumasks to the cpumask_change_notifier chain, so
users can access them without the need of a padata_get_cpumask function.

4. pcrypt - Rename the stuct pcrypt_instance. An instance refers usually to a
crypto instance in the crypto-layer, the struct pcrypt_instance is not related
to a crypto instance, so we rename it.

5. pcrypt - Update pcrypt cpumask acording to the padata cpumask notifier.
The padata cpumask change notifier passes a padata_cpumask to the
notifier chain, so we use this to update the pcrypt cpumask.

6. padata - Remove padata_get_cpumask. This function is a bit error prone
because the cpumask can change at any time, so we can't be sure to get the
right cpumask from that function.

7. padata - Update the API documentation.


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