Re: [ath5k-devel] [PATCH v3] ath5k: disable ASPM

From: Matthew Garrett
Date: Mon Jul 26 2010 - 18:29:23 EST

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 03:26:37PM -0700, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:

> What I meant was that the PCI config space would already have L1
> enabled if L1 worked, so I don't see why we would need to nitpick out
> specifics here. All Atheros PCIE chips should work with L1. The advise
> given is to disable L0s though. I believe AR2425 would be one which
> likely had L0s enabled but requires it to be disabled. Not sure of
> others. But this is why I am saying this can be done globally for all
> ath5k chipsets.

If L1 is set but the chip is pre-PCIe 1.1 then we'll disable L1 unless
the driver tells us that it's functional. The .inf from the Windows
driver seemed to suggest that only a subset of the chips re-enabled L1
there, but if it's ok in general then that's a straightforward one-line

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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