Re: [RFC] kconfig: introduce alldefconfig + savedefconfig

From: Sam Ravnborg
Date: Sun Jul 25 2010 - 18:20:34 EST

> in kconfig is preferable.
> This patch set introduce "alldefconfig".
> alldefconfig create a configuration with all values set
> to default values.
> This can be usefull when we check if we do have a sane
> set of default values. Rhe config can be inspected
> using menuconfig.
> The patches also introduce "savedefconfig" which
> reads the current configuration and save it
> as a minimal configuration.

A funny detail that I used in my testing.

If we create a config based solely on default values like this:

make alldefconfig

then when we later save the minimal config like this:

make savedefconfig

then the resulting defconfig file is empty.
This is as expected because all symbols has default values
so there is no need to save the value of any symbol.

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