RE: support for drives larger than 2TiB

From: Yuhong Bao
Date: Sat Jul 24 2010 - 14:48:20 EST

> I've been playing with a SATA 2.5T drive and things don't look too
> bad. All four controllers I've tested worked fine and the driver and
> kernel worked just fine. Even BIOSes don't seem too bad. At least
> the two boards I tested (both about three years old) didn't have much
> problem recognizing upto 2TiB and could access and boot fine although
> I'm fairly sure there will be BIOSes which would behave erratically.

In fact, Seagate is already selling 3TB external drives and CrunchGear
was already able to get the internal 3TB drive inside out:

Yuhong Bao

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