-O0 kernel Re: High cpu temperature with 2.6.32, bisection showscommit 69d258 (fwd)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Jan 15 2010 - 15:00:58 EST

> BTW, how can I remove that irritating -O2 flag? I 'm used to compiling
> with -O0 my debug builds in userland, because compilation is *many times*
> faster. I should be really useful for bisections.

Actually, figuring out kernel flags for fastest kernel compilation
would be nice. Nice for bisect, and nice for slow machines. Zaurus
needs 4 hours to compile kernel, kohjinsha cca 1.5 hours.

-O0 may not fly, as inlining is needed... some tests are
neccessary. Now that we support icc, gcc -O0 should be doable, too...

...ok, so I tried -O0.

-O2 compilation took 1250seconds, -O0 took 1167seconds and failed.

is there some fast compiler around that could be used?


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