Re: [PATCH 1/9] PCI PM: Add function for checking PME status ofdevices

From: Jesse Barnes
Date: Fri Jan 15 2010 - 12:55:34 EST

On Sun, 10 Jan 2010 14:35:18 +0100
"Rafael J. Wysocki" <rjw@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Rafael J. Wysocki <rjw@xxxxxxx>
> Add function pci_check_pme_status() that will check the PME status
> bit of given device and clear it along with the PME enable bit. It
> will be necessary for PCI run-time power management.
> Based on a patch from Shaohua Li <>
> Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <rjw@xxxxxxx>

Applied this series to my linux-next branch, thanks Rafael.

Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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