Re: [RFC] Yet another dt3155 driver for drivers/staging

From: Marin Mitov
Date: Fri Jan 15 2010 - 02:41:58 EST

Hi Greg,
> >
> > No. They are both standalone drivers. If we want V4L2 compatibility
> > we would have to modify (either) driver significantly.

Both are character drivers. My one uses open, read, mmap, ioctl, close.
Mainly tested on read. mmap works, but not yet extensively tested.
ioctl is used to start/stop acquisition, get info about buffer length,
and some error statistics collected during acquisitions.


for more detailed description.
> Well, that will be the requirement to get it merged into the main
> portion of the kernel tree. No special interfaces are allowed, sorry.

I do not quite understand V4L2 lib in particular how can I get a
contiguous buffer in physical memory which do not cross 4MB
boundary (hardware requirement).


Marin Mitov
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