Re: Changelog quality

From: Németh Márton
Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 - 00:24:17 EST

Greg KH wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 01:04:52PM -0500, Alan Stern wrote:
>> On Wed, 13 Jan 2010, Greg KH wrote:
>>>> It would be nice if there was a way to link automatically a git commit
>>>> to an archived copy of the email message in which it was originally
>>>> submitted.
>>> Ingo has been doing this on some patches by putting a message-id field
>>> in the signed-off-by area showing what lkml message a patch came from.
>>> See git commit id 6432e734c99ed685e3cad72f7dcae4c65008fcab in Linus's
>>> tree as an example of this.
>>> I have no objection if people want to do this for any patches going
>>> through my tree as well.
>> If it has to be included manually by the patch submitter then it isn't
>> automatic. Not to mention that the submitter would need to know the
>> email's message-id before the email message was sent!
>> Something like this should belong in a maintainer's script.
> Yeah, that would get messy, as usually a patch happens in a different
> thread than the original problem occurs, so it would take a lot more
> work on my part to try to match things up. If I notice it, I will try
> to in the future.

What about introducing a new tag like 'SmPL-Used:'? The used SmPL could
be placed somewhere in the web. This would require only one line in
the changelog: e.g.:


Usually when an SmPL is created in a general manner it can easily
match 100+ places. These can be combined in groups which for example
belong to one maintainter. That was what I did with adding const to
the different ID tables.


Márton Németh
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