Re: [PATCH] ahci: AHCI and RAID mode SATA patch for IntelCougar Point DeviceIDs

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Wed Jan 13 2010 - 06:12:00 EST

On 01/12/2010 11:40 PM, Robert Hancock wrote:
On 01/12/2010 07:00 PM, Seth Heasley wrote:
This patch adds the Intel Cougar Point (PCH) SATA AHCI and RAID
Controller DeviceIDs.

Signed-off-by: Seth Heasley<seth.heasley@xxxxxxxxx>

--- linux- 2010-01-06
15:07:45.000000000 -0800
+++ linux- 2010-01-07 13:55:23.000000000 -0800
@@ -560,6 +560,12 @@
{ PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x3b2b), board_ahci }, /* PCH RAID */
{ PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x3b2c), board_ahci }, /* PCH RAID */
{ PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x3b2f), board_ahci }, /* PCH AHCI */
+ { PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x1c02), board_ahci }, /* CPT AHCI */
+ { PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x1c03), board_ahci }, /* CPT AHCI */
+ { PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x1c04), board_ahci }, /* CPT RAID */
+ { PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x1c05), board_ahci }, /* CPT RAID */
+ { PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x1c06), board_ahci }, /* CPT RAID */
+ { PCI_VDEVICE(INTEL, 0x1c07), board_ahci }, /* CPT RAID */

/* JMicron 360/1/3/5/6, match class to avoid IDE function */

The RAID mode entries would be needed if the device indicates RAID class
in that mode, but in plain AHCI mode it should indicate SATA AHCI class
which will get picked up by this catch-all so those entries shouldn't be

/* Generic, PCI class code for AHCI */
PCI_CLASS_STORAGE_SATA_AHCI, 0xffffff, board_ahci },

Likely a lot of the existing specific PCI IDs could be removed from the
driver because of this (many likely predate the addition of the
class-based catch-all). The only reason to need a specific entry if the
device uses AHCI class is if it needs special handling or workarounds,
which isn't the case here.

Well, two lines of thinking here:

* some of lines of Intel chips do not separate AHCI into a separate PCI ID rather legacy IDE interface. When an AHCI interface exists and AHCI/IDE share the same PCI ID, we default to using AHCI. Thus, some of those PCI ID matches in ahci.c's PCI table may not get caught by the generic PCI class match at the end of the table.

* the cost carrying redundant PCI IDs seems low, harmless, and potentially helpful.

Comments welcome, though...


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