[RFC,PATCH 0/7 v2] Common struct clk implementation

From: Jeremy Kerr
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 01:59:05 EST

Hi all,

These patches are an attempt to allow platforms to share clock code. At
present, the definitions of struct clk are local to platform code, which
makes allocating and initialising cross-platform clock sources

The first two patches are for the architecture-independent kernel code,
introducing the common clk API. The remaining patches are specific to
the ARM 'versatile' and 'realview' platforms. I've included them in
this series to illustrate how the clock API is used, by using a generic
interface for the icst307 clock, and sharing it between realview and

Ben Herrenschmidt is looking at using common struct clk code for powerpc
too, hence the kernel-wide approach.

Comments most welcome.



* no longer ARM-specific
* use clk_operations

Jeremy Kerr (7):
Add a common struct clk
Generic support for fixed-rate clocks
arm/versatile: use generic struct clk
arm/versatile: remove oscoff from clk_versatile
arm/realview: use generic struct clk
arm/icst307: use common struct clk, unify realview and versatile clocks
arm/icst307: remove icst307_ps_to_vco

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