Re: Linux Serial Performance

From: James Courtier-Dutton
Date: Sun Jan 10 2010 - 15:05:36 EST

On 09/01/10 18:57, Paul G. Allen wrote:
> I am wondering, have there been any performance tests comparing Linux
> serial IO to Windows and what was the result? Is it a problem in the
> comm API (e.g. - the Windows DLL having better performance than the
> Linux .so)? Is it a problem in the Linux serial driver itself? Is
> there something I can/need to do on Linux to tweak the driver and make
> it faster?
> Thanks,
If you can narrow down the problem, one might be able to help.
I would suggest that you write a test Java program that both sends and
receives data on the same port and then post that source code to the list.
Anyone can then plug in a serial loopback connector, and reproduce the
problems you observe.

Without any way to reproduce the problems you observe, there is very
little chance of fixing it.
I suspect the problem is probably due to interrupts and serial buffer sizes.

As an aside, I would probably have used usb instead of serial as the
interface. It would be faster but not a lot more expensive.

Kind Regards


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