Strange Console behavior on Kernel Update

From: Marco Calignano
Date: Sat Jan 09 2010 - 21:00:23 EST

I just downloaded today the kernel 2.6.33-r3-git2 and recompiled using
make oldconfig with the configuration of my 2.6.29-gentoo Kernel.
I have a Problem that I am not really sure is caused from the Kernel but
it is the only variable that changes in the equation so I try asking
what do you think about this.
For the first part everything works fine all my hardware is recognized
and every driver write its output in a normal way
When the sysvinit application starts, a weird thing happens and a bunch
of escape characters (actually always the same one "[25~") appears on my
monitor in between the console output.
At the end of the booting process I cannot even login because of this
phenomenon and I have to reload the old kernel.
I tried even to disconnect the keyboard or the mouse thinking could be
an bad hardware setting but no changes.
I was looking on Internet for similar bug reports but I didn't find
anything. Looking at the code of the sysvinit application I suspect that
the only difference is that sysvinit uses printf from user space opening
a console while all drivers use printfk.
Like I said the only think changing is the Kernel not the rest.
I will get the last release of the 2.6.29 kernel from the git and see if
with that kernel I have the same problem or not.


Marco Calignano
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