Re: [ibm-acpi-devel] 2.6.33-rc2: regression: gkrellm no longershows all the temperatures on thinkpad x60

From: Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
Date: Sat Jan 09 2010 - 08:44:21 EST

On Thu, 07 Jan 2010, Pavel Machek wrote:
> > Please apply the latest stack of patches (sent them to acpi-test
> > yesterday).
> >
> > It is failing to register the ALSA mixer for some reason, and due
> > to a bug, it is not loading the module at all. I will look at the reason it
> > is failing to register the ALSA mixer soon. Meanwhile, the patches I sent
> > to Len make sure the module can still load sucessfully.
> Well, I'm not sure its completely fixed. I got this in my syslog:
> thinkpad_acpi: THERMAL EMERGENCY: a sensor reports something is
> extremely hot!
> thinkpad_acpi: temperatures (Celsius): 95 47 N/A 89 47 N/A 41 N/A 51
> 61 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

And the extremely hot sensor is that 89°C, which is the GPU I think (varies
from thinkpad to thinkpad). That is not normal, and I'd say it needs
repair, probably a badly seated heatsink or failed thermal interface

> ...meaning thinkpad_acpi is active and working, but still gkrellm does
> not report temperatures as it used to.

Well, gkrellm has always been a hack, it may be objecting to the third N/A
there (which reads as -128 through /proc, and results in ENXIO on hwmon

> root@amd:~# cat /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal
> temperatures: 74 48 -128 75 47 -128 41 -128 51 58 -128 -128 -128
> -128 -128 -128
> root@amd:~#

The driver is operating normally (which doesn't surprise me, I didn't touch
that code for quite a while, other than adding the temperature dump so that
we could track what was cooking in your thinkpad :) ).

> there, so I'm not sure why gkrellm stopped working.

I'd take a look on the gkrellm side of things. Maybe I am doing something
it doesn't like in the hwmon interface, etc.

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Henrique Holschuh
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