Re: [2.6.30 and later] file corruption on ext3 filesystem.

From: Tetsuo Handa
Date: Fri Jan 08 2010 - 21:53:13 EST

Dave Chinner wrote:
> I agree that it is very wrong, but it's a known problem with writeback
> mode in ext3:
> More info as to how this change came about and the proposed but not
> yet realised fixes:

Thank you for the pointer.

Indeed, most Linux boxes are used by single user.
But implicitly importing other deleted file's data is still annoying
even if the box is used by only one user.

When I was trying to identify the steps to reproduce, I got ./a.out replaced
by the deleted .bash_history due to power failure. I executed ./a.out as root
without knowing that the file contains deleted .bash_history , and many
commands listed in deleted .bash_history are executed as root.
I thought my box was cracked and trojaned. :-(
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