RE: [PATCH] drivers/net/defxx.c: use %pMF to show MAC address

From: Maciej W. Rozycki
Date: Fri Jan 08 2010 - 08:34:50 EST

On Thu, 7 Jan 2010, H Hartley Sweeten wrote:

> >> I believe the output will _now_ be in the canonical form.
> >> Before it wasn't bit reversed. Now it should be.
> >
> > Output was correct -- why would you assume otherwise? The bit order in
> > the MLA (My Long Address) register as retrieved from the MAC chip by
> > board's firmware has nothing to do with the wire order and is already in
> > the canonical form (the same applies to CAM entries and frame headers) --
> > the board designers were sane people.
> >
> > With the two patches in place the output produced is now broken. :(
> >
> Ugh.. This is a mess...
> David,
> Can you please un-apply both this patch and the one for skfddi.c?
> I think they should both use some form of the %p[mMF] format to display
> the address but it appears Maciej is the only person that really knows
> what the output _should" be...

Here are excerpts from old bootstrap logs -- I don't have any of these
boards handy at the moment, but I'll have access to a couple in a few
weeks' time:

defxx: v1.10 2006/12/14 Lawrence V. Stefani and others
tc0: DEFTA at addr = 0x10100000, IRQ = 2, Hardware addr = 08-00-2B-A3-66-C8
tc0: registered as fddi0
tc1: DEFTA at addr = 0x14100000, IRQ = 3, Hardware addr = 08-00-2B-A3-A3-29
tc1: registered as fddi1

defxx: v1.10 2006/12/14 Lawrence V. Stefani and others
0000:00:06.0: DEFPA at addr = 0x41071000, IRQ = 57, Hardware addr = 00-60-B0-58-40-75
0000:00:06.0: registered as fddi0
0000:02:00.0: DEFPA at addr = 0x41510000, IRQ = 57, Hardware addr = 00-60-B0-58-41-E7
0000:02:00.0: registered as fddi1

Compare the addresses reported with the OUIs of the respective
manufacturers -- the former is DEC and the latter is HP. See for a reference.

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