Re: [GIT PULL] AlacrityVM guest drivers for 2.6.33

From: Gregory Haskins
Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 14:41:36 EST

On 12/22/09 2:38 PM, Avi Kivity wrote:
> On 12/22/2009 09:32 PM, Gregory Haskins wrote:
>> xinterface, as it turns out, is a great KVM interface for me and easy to
>> extend, all without conflicting with the changes in upstream. The old
>> way was via the kvm ioctl interface, but that sucked as the ABI was
>> always moving. Where is the problem? ioeventfd still works fine as
>> it is.
> It means that kvm locking suddenly affects more of the kernel.

Thats ok. This would only be w.r.t. devices that are bound to the KVM
instance anyway, so they better know what they are doing (and they do).


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