[2.6.33-rc1 regression] suspend doesn't work on X200s

From: Andrew Lutomirski
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 19:45:32 EST

Hi all-

On Linus's tree from yesterday (2.6.33-rc1 plus a bit, I think) with
drm-next patched in, I can't suspend. My sleep light starts blinking
(userspace does that, I think) and the screen goes blank, then the
caps lock and num lock lights blink once (this is supposed to happen
when suspending), and then the system freezes hard with the fan and
backlight still on and the suspend light still blinking.

I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with drm changes, since I can
suspend fine on with include/drm and drivers/drm copied from
the broken 2.6.33-rc1 + drm-next tree.

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