RE: Tmem [PATCH 0/5] (Take 3): Transcendent memory

From: Dan Magenheimer
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 18:48:22 EST

> From: Nitin Gupta [mailto:ngupta@xxxxxxxxxx]

> Hi Dan,

Hi Nitin --

Thanks for your review!

> (I'm not sure if interface sends mail to everyone
> in CC list, so
> sending again. Sorry if you are getting duplicate mail).

FWIW, I only got this one copy (at least so far)!

> I really like the idea of allocating cache memory from
> hypervisor directly. This
> is much more flexible than assigning fixed size memory to guests.


> I think 'frontswap' part seriously overlaps the functionality
> provided by 'ramzswap'

Could be, but I suspect there's a subtle difference.
A key part of the tmem frontswap api is that any
"put" at any time can be rejected. There's no way
for the kernel to know a priori whether the put
will be rejected or not, and the kernel must be able
to react by writing the page to a "true" swap device
and must keep track of which pages were put
to tmem frontswap and which were written to disk.
As a result, tmem frontswap cannot be configured or
used as a true swap "device".

This is critical to acheive the flexibility you
commented above that you like. Only the hypervisor
knows if a free page is available "now" because
it is flexibly managing tmem requests from multiple
guest kernels.

If my understanding of ramzswap is incorrect or you
have some clever solution that I misunderstood,
please let me know.

>> Cleancache is
> > "ephemeral" so whether a page is kept in cleancache
> (between the "put" and
> > the "get") is dependent on a number of factors that are invisible to
> > the kernel.
> Just an idea: as an alternate approach, we can create an
> 'in-memory compressed
> storage' backend for FS-Cache. This way, all filesystems
> modified to use
> fs-cache can benefit from this backend. To make it
> virtualization friendly like
> tmem, we can again provide (per-cache?) option to allocate
> from hypervisor i.e.
> tmem_{put,get}_page() or use [compress]+alloc natively.

I looked at FS-Cache and cachefiles and thought I understood
that it is not restricted to clean pages only, thus
not a good match for tmem cleancache.

Again, if I'm wrong (or if it is easy to tell FS-Cache that
pages may "disappear" underneath it), let me know.

BTW, pages put to tmem (both frontswap and cleancache) can
be optionally compressed.

> For guest<-->hypervisor interface, maybe we can use virtio so that all
> hypervisors can benefit? Not quite sure about this one.

I'm not very familiar with virtio, but the existence of "I/O"
in the name concerns me because tmem is entirely synchronous.

Also, tmem is well-layered so very little work needs to be
done on the Linux side for other hypervisors to benefit.
Of course these other hypervisors would need to implement
the hypervisor-side of tmem as well, but there is a well-defined
API to guide other hypervisor-side implementations... and the
opensource tmem code in Xen has a clear split between the
hypervisor-dependent and hypervisor-independent code, which
should simplify implementation for other opensource hypervisors.

I realize in "Take 3" I didn't provide the URL for more information:
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