Re: [usb-storage] [PATCH] move eject code from zd1211rw to usb-storage

From: Daniel Drake
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 05:56:18 EST

El 15/12/09 12:31, Josua Dietze escribió:
Stefan Seyfried schrieb:

The USB ID claimed by zd1211rw for the fake storage device is
also in use by other, non-zd1211rw devices (Sphairon Homelink
1202). Move the eject of these devices to where it belongs and
where all the needed infrastructure already exists: usb-storage.

We can do the eject (as other mode switches) in userspace. Previous
discussions pointed into that direction.

When I originally wrote this code this wasn't as easy as you might think - the virtual CD device seems to be very quirky, and utterly confused Linux to the point where it didn't even create a device node. Maybe linux is more flexible these days though.

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