Re: x264 benchmarks BFS vs CFS

From: Jason Garrett-Glaser
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 05:42:51 EST

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 1:33 AM, Kasper Sandberg <lkml@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> well well :) nothing quite speaks out like graphs..
> regards,
> Kasper Sandberg

Yeah, I sent this to Mike a bit ago. Seems that .32 has basically
tied it--and given the strict thread-ordering expectations of x264,
you basically can't expect it to do any better, though I'm curious
what's responsible for the gap in "veryslow", even with SCHED_BATCH

The most odd case is that of "ultrafast", in which CFS immediately
ties BFS when we enable SCHED_BATCH. We're doing some further testing
to see exactly what the conditions of this are--is it because
ultrafast is just so much faster than all the other modes and so
switches threads/loads faster? Is it because ultrafast has relatively
equal workload among the threads, unlike the other loads? We'll
probably know soon.

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