Re: [PATCH]PCIe AER: reject aer inject if hardware mask error reporting

From: Youquan,Song
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 00:59:42 EST

Hi Andrew,

I have udpate and sent the patch according to your comments.

> > dev = pci_get_bus_and_slot(einj->bus, devfn);
> This does not apply. Please respin against latest linux-2.6 or pci-2.6.
Yes, it is true that it is udapted at 32 final. Thanks.

> >
> > + pci_read_config_dword(dev, pos_cap_err + PCI_ERR_COR_MASK, &mask);
> > + if (einj->cor_status && !(einj->cor_status & ~mask)) {
> > + ret = -EINVAL;
> > + printk(KERN_WARNING "The correctable error is masked by device\n");
> You can inject multiple correctable errors with the aer-inject user-land
> tool, so perhaps this should be re-worded as:
> "The correctable error(s) are masked by the device\n"
Yes. it is update.

> You can also simultaneously inject correctable and uncorrectable errors,
> so I don't particularly like returning errors here. Perhaps you should
> just print the warning message out and just not inject the masked
> errors.
I do not agree with you at this point. If the hardware is not support
some error reporting, it need direct report this information to user
who use aer_inject userspace tool. He need change the his inject
configuration file, rather than kernel report him successful inject
AER but no any useful information at console or dmesg output.

Anyway, In my mind, it should not be very important issue to stop this patch
go to mainline.



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