Re: [PATCH] ext2/3 as ext4

From: Philip Wernersbach
Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 19:42:44 EST

> Why the open coded strcmp?
strcmp is a C standard library function, not a C builtin, thus it
can't be used in the kernel.

> I would put these 2 conditionals into a single if ||, and consolidate
> the type_page setting into 1 place, then you limit where you handle the
> ext2/ext3 filesystems inside of ext4.
Thanks, that's a good idea.

> (I believe patch was whitespace damaged).
Oops! It was, sorry about that.

> Add yourself to the CREDITS; we don't use comments for changelog these days.

> Ouch?
I don't see the problem, please elaborate.

> Can you use memcmp, instead?
No, it's a C standard library function.

> Actualy strcmp() may be appropriate.
It would, but that's also a C standard library function.

> Here's a much cleaner patch which achieves the same goal...
Thanks Ted, that is much cleaner, although I think it would be better
to have separate KCONFIG options for mounting ext2 as ext4 and ext3 as
ext4. I can code this in when I get some time.

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