Re: [PATCH] fb/intelfb: Do not depend on EMBEDDED

From: Dave Airlie
Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 17:57:44 EST

> > Actually, that's one of the big advantages of the KMS based driver. It
> > *does* transparently pick the native resolution of the detected
> > output(s) and set up a high res console. You can provide boot options
> > to override it, but unlike intelfb, boot options aren't necessary to
> > get things working in the first place.
> How do I set the (default) resolution and timings with non-EDID display
> (e.g. analog RGB TV)?
> fbset seems to only set the "logical" resolution, doesn't like the
> pixclock.

Currently with the command line video=, this isn't optimal but still
nobody has come up with a way to make fbset useful since it can't deal
with multiple heads.

also the old intelfb didn't deal with analog rgb tv at all.

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