Re: [PATCH] cpu-freq: add troubleshooting section for FSB changes

From: Thomas Renninger
Date: Sat Nov 07 2009 - 16:10:03 EST

On Saturday 07 November 2009 09:52:56 pm Thomas Renninger wrote:
> On Friday 06 November 2009 09:01:00 pm Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
> > With cpu frequency scaling you may run into some system
> > performance issues when the FSB changes speed due to the
> > throughput constraints this brings on the system.
> Interesting.
> Could you be a bit more detailed how and what kind of perfomance issues are
> seen, please.
> I expect IO based issues like WLAN package throughput or even lost
> connections :) "wireless" is also a good word to grep for...
> If this gets documented also a bit more info about the HW should get
> added. The problem sounds rather restricted to specific models (atom based,
> laptop, desktop chipsets?)?
Or whatabout adding a list of affected machine/chipset models. The ordinary
user will hardly find his IO throughput problem in:
Then a lot of people will be happy when starting to google for their HW.

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