[PATCH 0/10] module: Speed up symbol resolution during module loading(using binary search)

From: Alan Jenkins
Date: Sat Nov 07 2009 - 15:59:26 EST

As requested by Mike Frysinger, this version of the series

1) generalizes the use of CONFIG_SYMBOL_PREFIX so that arbitrary symbol prefixes remain possible
2) uses CONFIG_SYMBOL_PREFIX to implement VMLINUX_SYMBOL() in the generic linker script, instead of relying on arch linker scripts to define it if needed.

I also changed the position of the patch which implements the above changes. So it is possible to revert or drop the actual optimizations, without removing the cleanups and annoying Mike (or Rusty, or Tejun Heo, or miscellaneous fans of lib/bsearch.c :).

A clean revert may be useful if hash tables are added in future, to avoid the complexity of keeping hash tables + sorted tables + unsorted tables. (This current series leaves module symbol tables unsorted).
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