Re: [PATCH v10 1/1] virtio_console: Add support for multiple portsfor generic guest and host communication

From: Anthony Liguori
Date: Fri Nov 06 2009 - 08:00:57 EST

Christian Borntraeger wrote:
I know that Anthony disagrees, but _If we start over_, I still think we should use that chance and leave the old virtio console untouched and add a new driver for the host guest communication. IMHO it turned out that there is only a tiny bit of commonality. (most code pathes check for use_multiport and then do two completely different things).
I like simplicity. According to David A. Wheeler's SLOCCount, the old console has 141 lines of code and the I truly believe that a separate guest-host comm vehicle would also be a lot simpler if it must not take care of the old virtio_console interface.

It's the wrong metrics for evaluating a device ABI. We should consider device ABIs based on whether they make sense--not about how many lines of code it takes to implement the Linux driver.

Fundamentally speaking, right now, virtio-console is a single stream that acts as an interactive terminal. What we're looking to add here is to support multiple terminals that can be enumerated in a rationale way.

I see no reason why that should be two separate devices.

On the other hand we all should agree on one driver vs. two drivers before we go on. Everything else would be unfair to Amit, who had the unpleasant task to implement conflicting review comments....

I agree and there are multiple maintainers on the qemu side who feel the same way I do. I'm really strongly opposed to making this separate devices.

If you think it's easier, you can do a check in the virtio_probe function that checks for the feature bits and calls a completely separate virtio initialization routine so it ends up being two separate files in Linux. But that's a Linux implementation detail.



Anthony Liguori

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