ftrace - graph tracer for Microblaze

From: Michal Simek
Date: Fri Nov 06 2009 - 06:05:31 EST

Hi Steven,

I found the problem in my mcount function. I was Microblaze dependent fault - I had to save all registers which are not saved across function calls.

I am getting some problem is irqsoff tracing. Is there any special things which needs to be implemented/changed?

I would like to implement ftrace graph support and stack save support.

I believe that for stack_trace I need just to implement save_stack_trace.
If I understand correctly that feature should look at current process
and trace that process back to zero stack size.
It is just for current task right?

Then output shows which functions are called and size of stack. I found your post which is at but you don't have any zero size stack size. Here is my log which seems to me weird because of zero size values. Is it correct or not?

# echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/stack_tracer_enabled
# cat /debug/tracing/stack_trace
Depth Size Location (63 entries)
----- ---- --------
0) 2100 0 stack_trace_call+0x12c/0x1d8
1) 2100 0 stack_trace_call+0x12c/0x1d8
2) 2100 0 _spin_unlock+0x2c/0x3c
3) 2100 180 __rcu_process_callbacks+0x3e0/0x460
4) 1920 568 end_graph_tracer+0x24/0x2c
5) 1352 0 end_graph_tracer+0x24/0x2c
6) 1352 0 microblaze_read+0x14/0x4c
7) 1352 184 microblaze_read+0x0/0x4c
63) 156 156 ktime_add_ns+0x88/0x124

Here is my function -> it is the same as we use for dump stack.
I look at mips implementation and is the same

void save_stack_trace(struct stack_trace *trace)
unsigned int sp;
asm("addik %0, r1, 0" : "=r" (sp));

while (!kstack_end(sp)) {
addr = *sp++;
if (__kernel_text_address(addr)) {
if (trace->skip > 0)
trace->entries[trace->nr_entries++] = addr;

if (trace->nr_entries >= trace->max_entries)

The second more important is graph part

I read it in ftrace design.txt and I don't understand how this really works.

For function trace without grapth support is calling
(ret2foo) -> bar()
(ret2bar) -> mcount() - I have to save full cpu content
-> ftrace_trace_function (ret2bar, ret2foo)
(do some stuff)
restore_whole_content and jump back to bar
after mcount call (mb do jump +8 - mb convention)
bar ends -> jump back to foo

For graph is flow a little bit different
(ret2foo) -> bar()
(ret2bar) -> mcount() - I have to save full cpu content
->prepare_ftrace_return(ret2bar, ret2foo)

and here I have to change return address -> Is it mean that from prepare_ftrace_return I have to return back to bar and then at the end of bar jump to return_to_handler which will call ftrace_return_to_handler and then jump back to foo. Is it correct?
What is the correct calling?

This is third topic - maybe I should send three separate emails :-(

I found some incompatibility which IMHO could be synchronize.
There is C implementation for ftrace_graph_entry_stub and ftrace_stub
is implemented in asm. The purpose of that two functions should be the same that's I think implementation should be too.

Because of my unresolved issue around irqsoff I traced it in code and there is too many tracing_reset_online_cpus() functions. I found one calling in __irqsoff_tracer_init and then in tracer_init function. Is that correct or one calling is enough?

Then I think that there is some things in Kconfig which should be cleared. I found link to /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/profile_branch which I don't have in tracing folder. Is it correct?

Thanks for your help,

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