Re: [announce] new rt2800 drivers for Ralink wireless & projecttree

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Nov 06 2009 - 02:47:00 EST

> > Look at the diffstat of Bart's driver:
> >
> > 15 files changed, 4036 insertions(+), 7158 deletions(-)
> >
> > He reduced your 5.2 KLOC non-working driver into a 1.8 KLOC _working_
> > driver.
> Bullshit, read the mails again.

This was uncalled for, right?

> Some people actually require sleep during the night, perhaps that you don't need
> that and can hence review 41 patches which changes thousands of lines on the
> same day the patches were submitted.

If you lack time, "Really start reading my mails" sentence you used at
the start of email is *not* user-friendly way to say that.

> > And _still_ your complaint about Bart's series is that he updated the
> > MAINTAINERS entry and added an entry for rt2800? Heck _sure_ he should
> > update it, he is the one doing the hard work of trying to bring it to
> > users, trying to clean up a messy driver space, trying to turn crap into
> > gold.
> So if I want to focus on something different in the kernel, I just send 1 patch,
> and a second to claim the maintainership of it even though there is an active
> maintainer available?

What about listing yourself as a maintainer for a start?

> > The thing is, if you dont have the time or interest to listen to and act
> > upon review feedback, be constructive about it and fix (obvious)
> > structural problems in your rt2800 code, you should just step aside and
> > let Bart maintain what he is apparently more capable of maintaining than
> > you are.
> >
> > What you are doing here is a thinly veiled land-grab: you did a minimal
> > token driver for rt2800 that doesnt work, kept it in your private tree
> > for _1.5 years_, and the moment someone _else_ came along and did
> > something better and more functional in drivers/staging/, you discovered
> > your sudden interest for it and moved the crappy driver upstream at
> > lightning's speed (it is already in net-next AFAICS, despite negative
> > test and review feedback) - ignoring and throwing away all the work that
> > Bart has done.
> Get your facts straight, the bullshit level in your mail is staggering.
> You have no fucking clue who wrote the rt2800 driver which is in
> drivers/staging/,

Perhaps you should not be a maintainer if you can't behave yourself?

> Because a lot of people prefer looking from the sideline,
> contributing _nothing_

Given your behaviour, I'm not suprised people are not too eager to
work with you.

> As for "throwing away that work" I ACKED 10 of his patches, and said I would review
> the rest later! But like I said, apparently it is a bad habit for people to sleep during
> the night.

Read your email again. It was quite far from 'acked 10, asked for
time'. You flamed him first.

(cesky, pictures)
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