More Huawei modem woes

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Thu Nov 05 2009 - 19:55:47 EST

Hi Alan !

>From user reports, it seems that other model of Huawei modems are still
broken in a way that seems very similar to what we observed and fixed
with the E169 but not fixed by the request sense size fix we did.

IE. The initial fix that "enabled" usb-storage to work in broke
them causing them to get into a reset loop due to some issues with

I've obtained a usbmon log from one of those users with a E620, I would
appreciate if you could have a look as you are a lot better than I am at
parsing those things :-) I attached it to the existing BZ .

Of course it's always possible that a whole lot of users have been
testing the wrong kernel and thus don't have the fix :-) But that might
also show a different problem with those modems usb storage


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