From: Jerome Glisse
Date: Thu Nov 05 2009 - 10:49:31 EST


I would like to do some modification for 2.6.33, so i figure it's good
time to talk about them. I have 2 aims :
1) add flexibility to bo placement
2) simplify bo move code
3) avoid sub optimal move scenario
4) Allow support of GPU with unmappable memory

1) i think the core idea is to take memory placement table as
an argument rather than having one static table. Here are the API
change (code change is pretty straight forward):

int ttm_buffer_object_validate(struct ttm_buffer_object *bo,
uint32_t proposed_placement,
uint32_t *mem_type_prio,
uint32_t num_mem_type_prio,
bool interruptible, bool no_wait)

int ttm_bo_move_buffer(struct ttm_buffer_object *bo,
uint32_t proposed_placement,
uint32_t *mem_type_prio,
uint32_t num_mem_type_prio,
bool interruptible, bool no_wait);

int ttm_bo_mem_space(struct ttm_buffer_object *bo,
uint32_t proposed_placement,
struct ttm_mem_reg *mem,
uint32_t *mem_type_prio,
uint32_t num_mem_type_prio,
bool interruptible, bool no_wait);

Drive conversion in first pass could be as easy as supplying the current
fixed table. Then driver can take advantage of this feature. For
instance a big texture can have such priority tables: [vram, gart],
while a small texture or a temporary one or vertex buffer could have
[gart, vram].

2 & 3 can be achieve by the following change
New driver callback :
- bo_move
- mem_copy
Remove the old move callback
All core ttm replace call to ttm_bo_move_buffer by a driver callback to
bo_move. Driver bo_move callback should then call ttm_bo_move_buffer
several time until achieving the wanted result. Example of a bo_move
callback :
int radeon_bo_move(struct ttm_buffer_object *bo,
uint32_t proposed_placement,
uint32_t *mem_type_prio,
uint32_t num_mem_type_prio,
bool interruptible, bool no_wait)
int ret;

if (new|old.type == VRAM && new|old.type == SYSTEM) {
ret = ttm_bo_move_buffer(bo, GTT, ...)
ret = ttm_bo_move_buffer(bo, proposed_placement, ...)

The mem_copy is just their to copy data btw 2 valid gpu address.
This change would simplify quite a bit the driver code while not
needing much change to ttm :
-ttm_bo_handle_move_mem need to call mem_copy and
-evict path need to be adapted to use the driver callback

Beside simplifying driver code it allows to kill unoptimal pattern.
For instance nowadays on radeon when we get move a BO from VRAM to
system here is what happen (evil AGP case) :
-ttm_bo_handle_move_mem allocate ttm for system, cached
-radeon move callback changes the memory to uncached
allocate tmp mem block in GTT to do the copy cleanup
its mess

New scheme:
-call radeon move_bo
-call ttm_bo_handle_move_mem VRAM->GTT which allocate
uncached memory for ttm and thus can use pool allocator
also ttm_bo_handle_move_mem now do the cleanup
-call ttm_bo_handle_move_mem GTT->SYSTEM call
ttm_bo_move_ttm and then ttm_bo_handle_move_mem
Less code in the driver and not that much more in the ttm, also if we
ever have to support a gpu with bigger move dependency chain it would
be a lot easier with this scheme. For instance a GPU with VRAM0, VRAM1
and GTT where VRAM1 can only communicate with VRAM0, and VRAM0 can
communicate with VRAM1 & GTT.

4) haven't looked much at the code for this one thus my solution might
not be doable. TTM would have man->io_size != man->size. TTM would
evict|move buffer to a somewhere CPU can access if userspace calls mmap
or read/write on the buffer. TTM would also need a new flag to force
placement in visible area for some buffer (like scanout). Driver would
be responsible to pass some kind of hint to ttm to only place buffer
with unfrequent CPU access into the unvisible area.

Thomas what's your feeling on those change ? I plan to do 3 patches, one
for the priority stuff, one for changing the move path and last one for
the unvisible memory. These would need driver update but i think beside
radeon, nouveau and new poulsbo driver there isn't much user of TTM

Ben what's your thought on those change ? I don't think it would be too
much work for nouveau driver. I will have a look but i suspect second
patch would allow similar simplification in nouveau as in radeon.


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