Re: [RFC] Mount point suggestions for cgroup

From: Jan Safranek
Date: Thu Nov 05 2009 - 07:08:31 EST

On 11/04/2009 05:44 PM, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
Balbir Singh wrote:
Hi, All,

We've been having a discussion as to what would be the right place to
mount the cgroup filesystem. Jan has been proactively looking into
this. The FHS has no recommendation since cgroup filesystem came in
much later.

The options are

1. /dev/cgroup
2. /cgroup
3. Some place under /sys

The problem with (2) is that it is quite non-standard and pollutes the
root directory. (3) requires some basic support to create a directory
for cgroup under /sys. (1) seems the most obvious choice since cpusets
were mounted under /dev/cpuset, but /dev is controlled by udev.

Given the three choices or any other suggestions, is there a general
preference as to where we can mount it? The goal is to standardize
the mount point (if possible).
Why the mount point has to be standardized ?

The mount point does not need to be set into stone so everybody *must* use it. I, as Fedora packager, just need some default place where to mount it, so applications which need to create/manage groups work without any (potentially dumb) user assistance. Of course, advanced admin can change the settings and move the groups anywhere, applications still need to parse /proc/mounts or use appropriate library like libcgroup.

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