Re: [TuxOnIce-users] An assortment of TuxOnIce resume panics on aRadeon KMS-running system in, lzo-related?

From: Nigel Cunningham
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 19:33:47 EST


Nix wrote:
> On 4 Nov 2009, Nigel Cunningham told this:
>> Hi.
>> Thanks for your bug report.
>> I'd say it's a bug in the TuxOnIce code. How recent a version are you
>> running? (It's been a while since I bumped the version number, so saying
>> 3.0.1 doesn't mean much any more). Is it recent git?
> 4eddd0d169ddd285b9d7afdcbbfc1a85b870f5ea from your tuxonice 2.6.31 tree,
> (merged, as mentioned, with Dave Airlie's drm-next branch).
> I think that's the latest, right?

No, it's not. But it's prior to where I committed the swap priority
support changes that I was thinking were the cause of your issue.

>> Would you also let me know how your storage is configured - file
>> allocator? swap allocator? More than one swap device? priorities? (I've
> Swap allocator, striped equal-priority swap on two physical disks
> (otherwise occupied entirely with an md1 array):

Okay. Would you be able to try with just one swap device enabled
(temporarily) and see if that makes a difference? It should work with
two at the commit you mentioned, but perhaps I'm forgetting something.

> total used free shared buffers cached
> Mem: 12301216 1238928 11062288 0 111228 440956
> -/+ buffers/cache: 686744 11614472
> Swap: 25189904 0 25189904
> mutilate 2 ~% cat /proc/swaps
> Filename Type Size Used Priority
> /dev/sda2 partition 12594952 0 0
> /dev/sdb2 partition 12594952 0 0
> (yes, I know it was mad to define swap as 2xRAM on this machine, but I
> have disk space coming out of my ears and have no idea what to do with it :) )
> Swap was barely in use when I suspended (and it's even less in use now
> relatively recently post-reboot).
>> been doing work in this area recently, and so suspect that it might be
>> the cause).
> It's odd that it manifested as a decompressor failure. I suppose if
> something corrupts the data en route to or from the disk you might see
> this? (wild speculation: maybe ordinary swapping happened on top of it,
> though this seems rather unlikely).

Well, if I've got an error in the algorithm for deciding which device to
read/write next (this is what I've been modifying), it makes sense.

> I'm impressed with how well ToI works, btw: it must have saved me about
> twenty quid in power costs on this desktop box already and I've only
> been using it for a couple of months. I was even more impressed that
> nothing went wrong when I started using KMS, once I'd boosted the
> reserved pages enough: took a while to figure out the cause of those
> crashes, though. Maybe you should print a very loud message when the
> number of reserved pages that haven't been consumed drops below some
> smallish number, if it's detectable, 'cos right now exceeding it
> generally results in a crash at suspension time and newbies like me
> can't tell the cause easily...

Not having a big enough allowance for drivers' memory allocations
shouldn't cause problems. There's code in place to automatically back
out and retry with a larger allocation and then abort if that doesn't
work, and I've never had a report of it not working before now. (You'll
see messages in dmesg if this happens). If you have userui enabled, it
will also tell you it's restarting and why.


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