Re: [PATCH 5/6] power: pcf50633: properly reenable charging whenthe supply conditions change

From: Anton Vorontsov
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 18:45:29 EST

On Thu, Nov 05, 2009 at 01:24:31AM +0300, Paul Fertser wrote:
> > If you want to "top-up" the battery, perhaps that should be on
> > explicit request, like something in /sys?
> Well, probably but to me it seems like an unnecessary complexity. Also
> since Li* batteries are dominating the market nowadays this
> functionality would need to be introduced in the power_supply core to
> provide userspace with a consistent interface. Anton, can you please
> comment on this?

Power supply class doesn't have writeable properties (initially
it was a 'battery monitor class'). Though. I'd happily merge
the support for writeable properties. ACPI batteries would
benefit too, i.e. they could export 'alarm' property (see

Though, I'd want to apply this patch set as is (i.e. I prefer
the new behaviour, as it's really more 'user friendly'), and
we could implement configurable option later.

Pavel do you have a strong objection against this patch, or
you can live with it? :-)


Anton Vorontsov
email: cbouatmailru@xxxxxxxxx
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