Re: [PATCH 00/41] rewritten rt2800 drivers

From: Julian Calaby
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 17:56:09 EST


FWIW, this all looks good to me, except for these comments:

1. When you introduce struct rt2800_ops, it may telegraph your
intentions more clearly if you introduce rt2800lib.h at the same time
- this also means that we don't have (if only for a single patch)
duplicate versions of this structure and it's associated code.

2. Patches #26-28 should arguably come before the conversions to use
the struct rt2800_ops methods.

3. I don't get the reasoning behind patch #37 (remove useless ifdefs
from rt2x00leds.h) but I'm going to assume that it's all right.

4. Patch #39 should arguably come earlier in the patch set as it's a
general cleanup.

Other than that, good work!



Julian Calaby

Email: julian.calaby@xxxxxxxxx
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