[PATCH 0/3] rtc: pcf50633 fixes (is rtc maintainer around?)

From: Paul Fertser
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 16:55:42 EST


This patch series contains (~obvious) fixes for the rtc part of pcf50633

Unfortunately, my previous posting seemingly didn't reach the target, i
received no reply from Alessandro Zummo and also rtc-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ML seems to be dead or at least unsuitable (lots of spam, weird way of
viewing archives). I omitted LKML the previous time because i thought that
since these fixes are so small and not interesting there's no sense in
bothering anybody with them.

[PATCH 1/3] rtc: pcf50633: Fix month off-by-one error
[PATCH 2/3] rtc: pcf50633: consider alrm->enable in pcf50633_rtc_set_alarm
[PATCH 3/3] rtc: pcf50633: manage RTC alarm "pending" flag

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