Re: [PATCH] kbuild: let make O=dir rpm-pkg fail

From: Frans Pop
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 16:07:00 EST

On Wednesday 04 November 2009, Akinobu Mita wrote:
> make rpm-pkg with setting KBUILD_OUTPUT is not possible and
> it will print the good message since the commit
> db9038c89d129383a9db2afcb72b504fe54f6edf
> $ KBUILD_OUTPUT=dir make rpm-pkg
> ...
> Building source + binary RPM is not possible outside the
> kernel source tree. Don't set KBUILD_OUTPUT, or use the
> binrpm-pkg target instead.
> ...
> make O=dir should have the same effect of KBUILD_OUTPUT, but
> it won't print that message.
> This fixes it by exporting KBUILD_OUTPUT if O= is set so that
> the rpm-pkg target in scripts/package/Makefile can find it.

Looks good to me. I suspect this will also fix the open question that I had
when I submitted the patch you refer to:
One open issue is that the following commands should IIUC be identical,
but the second one does not work:
- KBUILD_OUTPUT=../builds/amd64 make -j4 binrpm-pkg
- make -j4 O=../builds/amd64 binrpm-pkg

AFAICT the root Makefile is supposed to set KBUILD_OUTPUT based on O=, but
that is not visible when the lines within the binrpm-pkg target are
My make foo was not strong enough to debug this.

I also suspect that the use of O= is currently equally broken for the
deb-pkg target (I know setting KBUILD_OUTPUT does work) and that this
patch will fix that as well.

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