Re: Page alloc problems with 2.6.32-rc kernels

From: Frans Pop
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 19:14:21 EST

Adding a few more CCs.

On Monday 02 November 2009, Michael Guntsche wrote:
> > I have the server running with all with patches applied and it runs
> > without any issues. Since adding patch5 seems to make a difference I
> > will revert 1-4 and only apply patch 5 to see if it work too. I will
> > report back as soon as I have news.
> Current status of my tests here. With only patch 5 applied (the revert)
> I am not able to reproduce the problem. Reading through the ml archives
> I noticed that this revert is somewhat controversial since it seems to
> fix other bugs. Is it possible that reverting those fixes just hide the
> bug I am seeing instead of fixing it?

Thanks Michael. That means we now have two cases where reverting the
congestion_wait() changes from .31-rc3 (8aa7e847d8 + 373c0a7ed3) makes a
clear and significant difference.

I wonder if more effort could/should be made on this aspect.

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