Re: Can build on one P4 but not another.

From: Frans Pop
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 14:23:05 EST

Reg Clemens wrote:
> Can someone explain this to me.
> I can build on one of my Pentium 4's with no problems,
> it boots and runs.
> On a second P4, the build fails (compile works, load fails) with
> comments about undefined references to:
> sleep_on_common
> and __up
> These appear in sched.c and semaphore.c.

Are you using identical configs for both machines or not?

Are you sure both machines really have the same kernel source?

Have you tried if a 'make mrproper' makes a difference (normally it should

Do both machines have the same build environment (gcc version, binutils,

If you need additional help, please post the exact error messages and the
kernel config for the failing machine.


P.S. Why are you building the kernels on two machines instead of doing the
builds on one machine and then copying and installing a build for the
second? That could save a lot of build time, even if you don't use
identical configs.
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