Re: 2.6.32-rc5: unexpected thermal shutdown?

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 13:37:52 EST

On Tue 2009-11-03 18:25:03, Frans Pop wrote:
> Pavel Machek wrote:
> > I found this in the syslog afterwards.
> >
> > Nov 3 09:59:14 amd kernel: Critical temperature reached (128 C),
> > shutting down.
> > Nov 3 09:59:14 amd shutdown[17819]: shutting down for system halt
> > Nov 3 09:59:15 amd init: Switching to runlevel: 0
> Looks like what happened to me earlier this year. See

Will take a look.

> > Now, machine was lying on the bed at that point, so...
> So probably both the fan intake and hot air outlet were blocked,
> effectively preventing cooling.

Well, no. outlet was not blocked; parts of intake maybe.

> What hardware is this?

Thinkpad x60.

> What's the output of 'grep . /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ*/*'?
> Any thermal zones in there that don't have a "passive" trip point?

128C means "slightly fake" temperature sensor. It seems that it just
produces 128 in THM0 when temperature exceeds some other limit.

pavel@amd:~$ grep . /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/*
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/cooling_mode:<setting not supported>
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/polling_frequency:<polling disabled>
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/state:state: ok
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/temperature:temperature: 58 C
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/trip_points:critical (S5): 127
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM1/cooling_mode:<setting not supported>
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM1/polling_frequency:<polling disabled>
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM1/state:state: ok
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM1/temperature:temperature: 59 C
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM1/trip_points:critical (S5): 97 C
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM1/trip_points:passive: 93
C: tc1=5 tc2=4 tsp=600 devices=CPU0 CPU1


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