Re: [RFC-PATCH] dhcp provisioning support in cxgb3i

From: Mike Christie
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 18:48:41 EST

Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
Mike Christie wrote:
Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
Hi Mike,

Herein attached patches for having dhcp provisioning support in cxgb3i. I have added one new iscsi netlink message ISCSI_UEVENT_REQ_IPCONF.

Is the idea to have iscsid/uip send down this msg?

Was it not possible to hook in more like how bnx2i does dhcp?

yep, idea is to have iscsid send down ISCSI_UEVENT_REQ_IPCONF msg. bnx2i approach in our case for at least T3 is not feasible.

I think adding DHCP in the kernel is getting a little crazy :) If we go down this path, I agree with the other person that stated it should at least be generic.
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