Re: [PATCH 2/3] page allocator: Do not allow interrupts to useALLOC_HARDER

From: David Rientjes
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 15:54:08 EST

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> What is realtime in this scenario? There are no guarantees that reclaim
> wont have to occur. There are no guarantees anymore and therefore you
> cannot really call this realtime.

Realtime in this scenario is anything with a priority of MAX_RT_PRIO or

> Is realtime anything more than: "I want to have my patches merged"?

These allocations are not using ~__GFP_WAIT for a reason, they can block
on direct reclaim.

But we're convoluting this issue _way_ more than it needs to be. We have
used ALLOC_HARDER for these tasks as a convenience for over four years.
The fix here is to address an omittion in the page allocator refactoring
code that went into 2.6.31 that dropped the check for !in_interrupt().

If you'd like to raise the concern about the rt exemption being given
ALLOC_HARDER, then it is seperate from this fix.
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