Re: FatELF patches...

From: david
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 15:12:00 EST

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:

david@xxxxxxx writes:

fo any individual user it will alsays be a larger download, but if you
have to support more than one architecture (even 32 bit vs 64 bit x86)
it may be smaller to have one fat package than to have two 'normal'

In terms on disk space on distro TFTP servers only. You'll need to
transfer more, both from user's and distro's POV (obviously). This one
simple fact alone is more than enough to forget the FatELF.

it depends on if there is only one arch being downloaded ot not.

it could be considerably cheaper for mirroring bandwidth. Even if Alan is correct and distros have re-packaged everything so that the arch independant stuff is really in seperate packages, most mirroring/repository systems keep each distro release/arch in a seperate directory tree, so each of these arch-independant things gets copied multiple times.

Disk space on FTP servers is cheap (though maybe not so on 32 GB SSDs
and certainly not on 16 MB NOR flash chips). Bandwidth is expensive. And
it doesn't seem to be going to change.

FatELF means you have to compile for many archs. Do you even have the
necessary compilers? Extra time and disk space used for what, to solve
a non-problem?

you don't have to compile multiple arches anymore than you have to provide any other support for that arch. FatELF is a way to bundle the binaries that you were already creating, not something to force you to support an arch you otherwise wouldn't (although if it did make it easy enough for you to do so that you started to support additional arches, that would be a good thing)

yes, the package manager could handle this by splitting the package up
into more pieces, with some of the pieces being arch independant, but
that also adds complexity.

Even without splitting, separate per-arch packages are a clear win.

I'm surprised this idea made it here. It certainly has merit for
installation medium, but it's called directory tree and/or .tar or .zip

if you have a 1M binary with 500M data, repeated for 5 arches it is not a win vs a single 505M FatELF package in all cases.

David Lang
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