Re: FatELF patches...

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 12:43:12 EST

> how much of the package is binary executables (which get multiplied) vs
> how much is data or scripts (which do not)

IFF the data is not platform dependant formats.

> fo any individual user it will alsays be a larger download, but if you
> have to support more than one architecture (even 32 bit vs 64 bit x86)
> it may be smaller to have one fat package than to have two 'normal'
> packages.

Nope. The data files for non arch specific material get packaged
accordingly. Have done for years.

> yes, the package manager could handle this by splitting the package up
> into more pieces, with some of the pieces being arch independant, but that
> also adds complexity.

Which was implemented years ago and turns out to be vital because only
some data is not arch specific.
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