Re: Possible suspend/resume regression in .32-rc?

From: Stanislav Brabec
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 04:58:01 EST

Haojian Zhuang wrote:

> Commit b5b82df6, from May 2007, breaks no_console_suspend on the OLPC
> XO laptop. Basically what happens is that upon returning from resume,
> serial8250_resume_port() will reconfigure the port for high speed
> mode and all console output will be garbled, making debug of the
> resume path painful. This patch modifies uart_resume_port() to
> reset the port to the state it was in before we suspended.

See my patch waiting for approval in LKML thread
"serial-core: resume serial hardware with no_console_suspend".

It attempts to fix it, but I was not yet able to test it due to spitz
resume breakage.

Stanislav Brabec

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